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Australian Beef and Lamb are nature grazed in a land blessed with golden sunshine
and lush green pastures. The meat is soft, tasty and tender with consistent texture.
Add to that one of the strictest quality standards in the world and an industry
benchmark Halal Assurance programme, you'll begin to see why True Aussie Beef
and Lamb is the first choice of the Arab world’s first Master Chef, Tarek Ibrahim.


There is more to halal that just the slaughter process

There is a common misconception that ‘Halal’ refers only to the adherence of set of conditions of how the animal
is slaughtered and meat processed. But its meaning is in fact far broader.

Did you know that the religious law also says how the animal must be treated during its life? It emphasizes zero
tolerance animal abuse and mistreatment. For example, it is stated that the animal should not have been
mistreated or caused any pain. And also that it must also be provided with enough space to roam, clean water,
food and fresh air


Australian farmers and animal welfare

For Australian farmers, animal welfare is their number one priority. Most of these farms are family owned and the
animals are raised with tender, loving care. Animal welfare is a way of life in Australia and regulated by laws
enforced by Government

And when it comes to the natural environment, very few countries in the world are as fortunate as Australia with
animals having abundant access to clean water, food and fresh air.

Since it’s an island, it is naturally quarantined against diseases that usually affects and spreads amongst animal


Healthy stress free animals produce better quality meat

Did you know that animals that have be raised and processed in a stress free environment, produce better
quality meat? A recent study by Meat and Livestock Australia confirms this.

The muscles of healthy and stress-free animals, contain high levels of glycogen. After the animal has been
slaughtered, the glycogen in the muscle is converted into lactic acid, and the muscle and carcass becomes firm.
This lactic acid is necessary to produce meat, which is tasteful and tender, of good quality and good colour.

If the animal is stressed before and during slaughter, the glycogen is used up, and the lactic acid level that
develops in the meat after slaughter is reduced. This will have serious adverse effects on meat quality.


Halal to the bone

For all exports, only recognised Islamic organisations can certify Halal meat and meat products. The certification
is also back by Australian government assurance that the product has be produced in accordance with Islamic
Shari'aa standards.

When you buy Australian Beef and Lamb, you can be confident you are getting clean, safe and 100% guaranteed

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