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Naturally raised, free range, pasture raised, grass-fed, high quality beef and lamb
ready for the plate - welcome to the world of True Aussie Lamb and Beef.


Why Australian Lamb & Beef

The Australian lamb and beef industry has been alive and kicking for more than 200 years now. And we believe
it's for a very good reason too.

If you ask us, there is no better place on Earth to raise cattle and sheep. The lush pastures and unspoiled
environment that Australia is famous for create a unique ecosystem for cattle to live and thrive in.

Australian cattle lead a healthy and stress-free life in this nourishing environment, which in turn means healthy,
nutritious beef and lamb - a win-win situation for everyone.


Safe and wholesome products

For Australian farmers, care for the animals and the environment that they grow up in are at the core of their work
ethic. Generations of farmers have perfected the art of rearing cattle in such a way that in every stage of the
process, it places as low of an impact on the planet as possible.

Australian beef and lamb are produced in a truly natural manner. And we proudly share the product of this pure
environment with the rest of the world.

You can enjoy this true Aussie goodness now in the form of True Aussie Beef and Lamb. Did we mention we
produce Goat and Veal also?

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Halal to the bone

The manner in which Aussie cattle is raised falls strictly in line with the practice of Halal.

In Australia, animal welfare is a way of life as well as something producers are legally bound to abide by. It is a
well known fact that happy animals lead to better quality meat, due to healthy sinews developed during their
lifetime, and low lactic acid build up during the humane slaughter process.

When you buy Australian Beef and Lamb, you can be confident you are getting clean, safe and 100% guaranteed
Halal meat in the Middle East.

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